What is GOAL MANGER.eu ?

GoalManager.eu is a modern training tool, devised by its authors, basing on long-standing experience in training managers.

It is a multileveled business simulation imitating reality.

It teaches numerous skills among others:

planning and strategic management, change management and management through goals;

building and management of teams, teamwork and leadership;

negotiation skills, marketing and sales;

interpersonal communication, motivation and exerting influence over others in an ethic way – the art of convincing and manipulation;

epersonal effectiveness, auto motivation, managing ones tasks in a specified period of time, KPI execution ;

It constitutes teaching via playing and experience ;


4-32 persons.

set for 8 decision rounds, with each round taking 30 min to 1 hour to complete.

Performance evaluation:
after the last decision round, you will be presented with your final performance score.

What do we do

To build profitable company, with positive atmosphere, thanks to teamwork, relevant business strategy, goal orientation and macroeconomy analysis


Gamefication participation guarantees that members will familiarise themselves with decision making processes, planning, real life communication (learning of motivational speech techniques, learning how to convince an employee to change his conditions of employment, etc.).

Players familiarise themselves with self-motivation mechanisms and ways how to motivate others to action.

Participation in the game develops critical thinking, information analysis, drawing conclusions, making decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions. High players` involvement is gained by introduction of story lined script.

Game participants run an enterprise consisting of 15 employees, a sports club. They are constantly facing challenges of the reality they are dealing with, what requires teamwork and making decisions.

Competition with other real life teams and virtual teams operated by the game engine allows to ascertain one`s skills in comparison to the group and evaluate results of one`s work. Game scenarios are designed in such a way that on every step of the game player will be facing numerous personal problems and make real life business decisions.

Each decision made is of importance and will significantly influence the enterprise. Each acquired customer influences game success and increases sports club value. Game tasks comprise of monitoring competition activities, necessity of finding alternative solutions, active search for information and organising one`s own and teams tasks.

Active participation in the game develops attitude and behaviour in accordance with the concept of management through goals. It also allows combining participants` individual training goals with the objectives of the company.

The concluding result of the game will be conducting negotiations where Win Win Win attitude is utilised among Customer-Company-Employee.

Thanks to the teamwork game members will realise the true strength of group creativity employed in search of finding solutions to complex problems. Players will learn how to resolve those problems and foresee threats. All of that takes place under time pressure.

Our business simulation allows developing skills in almost real life conditions. Scenario and scope of the GOAL MANAGER.EU workshop is tailored to needs, demands, strategy and customer`s vision.

Contact us

Each training session is designed on an individual basis according to your requirements. Price is also set individually for each customer. In order to discuss and obtain training schedule please contact us: directly on the details listed below or please use the form provided.


tel.: +48 607 77 66 88
e-mail: info@goalmanager.eu